Are you missing sales calls?

With SunISP Telecom you can transfer your phone number to any mobile phone and get free
Vmail, features, free callings everywhere in the USA.

Do you need a dedicated PXB?

Unlimited and unlimited extension call for as low as $39.99 a month.

Try Our Home Unlimited Calling Plan

Unlimited calling to USA, CAN, Bahamas and Mexico. This plans includes E911, voicemail, voice mail to email.
Don't miss another call again, if you are not a home, you will be able to receive the calls to your mobile as well.

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About  Us

SunISP Telecom has been in business for over 15 years, providing Telecommunications Solutions, to Businesses, from Small to Enterprise Businesses, with Services not only in North America but Also Latin America and the Caribbean. We strive to be the leader of communications solutions in a competitive market. We personalize our communications services directly to the specifications of every customer to ensure high-quality service and customer satisfaction.



We help you to control the power of technology and expand your business with ease through our wide range of products and services.

Our Services

The world of technology is changing every day. We provide our customers with the latest in technology and communications solutions so they can stay ahead of the competition. We provide telecommunication services from small businesses and large corporations, from 2-way radio, satellite service, phone or PBX services, you can get all that you need from us.

SunISP Telecom is committed to working one-on-one with our customers, from installing to maintaining your PBX or network system, either remotely or onsite, we are here to handle the stress and to make sure your downtime is at a minimum.

Customer Service

Our support is open 24/7 a week. We know that our customers are important to us. So give us a call, we are here for you.

Port your Number

We know how important your phone number is to you and moving to another phone company, can be difficult “we got you” we guarantee no hassle and no problem.

Dedicated PBX

We have a variety of dedicated PBX solutions for small and enterprise businesses, take a look at our options, from managed and unmanaged services.

Our Testimonials
SunISP`s business plan was just my company needed. We were tired of using old systems that broke down and weren´t reliable.
down and weren't reliable. The SunISP team found us a solution that worked for our company.
Chris Sands
Our Testimonials
Con SunISP´s no solo cuento con un buen servicio sino con todo un equipo técnico cualificado para resolver cualquier
down and weren't reliable. The SunISP team found us a solution that worked for our company.
Lucía Suárez
Our Testimonials
Finally! A company that can be there when we need support, Thank you!
Paul Smith
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