Sl1100 Expansion Key Service Unit 0x8x4


SL1100 Basic unit 0x8x4 – 8 digital station line ports – 4 analog station line ports power supply and ac cable analog station ringing supply and MW lamp driver cat 5 cable and ferrite core for connection to the main ksu requires that main ksu be equipped with the expansion ksu interface card 1100110 maximum of 3 per system with software version




  • CPU Board (CPU-B1)
  • 8 Digital x 4 Analog Station Board (084M-B1)
  • Voice Mail Daughter Board (PZ-VM21)
    • Please note: Voice mail function requires InMail CompactFlash card
  • Memory Daughter Board (PZ-ME50)
  • Power Supply & AC Cable (8.5-Ft)
  • Analog station ring supply & MW lamp driver
UPC: 0071462714819

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Weight 10 lbs