SunFi Router


Monthly service: $52.99 | 1st Month Free
Sign up: $199.99. That includes Modem (4G),
Shipping, Support, Warranty.



The Internet Router with a powerful signal with an antenna, Internet access to the internet via HSPA/LTE Data SIM Card. or Internet access/PPPoE work mode, if you don have a 4G sim card, you can use connect to modem work as Gateway mode.

Features: B2(1900Mhz), B4(1700Mhz), B5(850Mhz) /B7(2600) for USA/CA/Mexico and Bahamas/Dominica/Jamaica/Trinidad and Tobago/Argentina/Chile/Colombia/Ecuador/Peru/Uruguay and other Caribbean Latin America should be update APN.and choose 4G network band priority(NOT support with sprint)

Equipped with 4 LAN interface,when the 4G router transmits the WiFi, you may connect to other devices simultaneously, support 12V 1A power adapter charger and 5V 2A power bank USB power easy to use. It is easy to connect and easy to carry in hand Sharing customers to 32 WiFi users. All you need to do is inserting the SIM card, then you will enjoy the WiFi with your friends with this portable 4G LTE router. Bridge WiFi and share network with your families and friends securely in the hotel or other public places. also good for outside camera Projects.
Stream and share smoothly movie, music, photos with your families and friends at the same time. Provide high-speed for 32 users simultaneously, make you have a greater wireless enjoyment no need to connect the broadband, there is 4G, there is wifi, just plugs the 4G SIM card and play!some sim card should be updated APN. Produce a 2.4GHz wifi hotspot with a powerful signal and long-range WiFi coverage, good for camera project.